Dissertation Diary 2016-05-19

I finished up my handouts for the Lecture next week and I have a run thru tonight! Lecture coming up on Tuesday, defense a week from today. I may or may not post next week, I’m not sure if I’m leaving town directly after the defense or not.

Dissertation Diary 2016-05-12

I managed to get my lecture script down to 28 pages, but I don’t even know if that’s short enough. I’ll be working up the handout and practicing piano next week! I’ve scheduled a run thru for Thursday May 19th at 6:30, and the Lecture is May 24th at 4pm. So close to done!

Dissertation Diary 2016-05-05

I took a couple days off, but after meeting with my advisor yesterday, I’ve gotten back to work. I have to figure out how to condense my 188 page document into a 45-60 minute talk. Using the following outline (and copy/pasting from my dissertation) I’ve got it down to 53 pages… Intro motivations goals History…