I took a little hiatus from composing regularly while I finished up my dissertation. I am now trying to get back into the habit, so I thought I should have a place where I could save links to recordings and have info about upcoming performances. If you would like to commission a piece, please contact me.

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One specific recent project is cello-punk, which you can find out more about at drkitcellopunk. I also have a demo album available (along with some more standard cello things) at

Upcoming/recent performances

Dec 14 7pm 2021 Debut Solo Vocal recital (in-person and Live streamed)
21st century Oregon queer art song, including 6 pieces of mine.

Jan 9 2021 Live Stream: Music from the Pandemic
Recital of solo cello works from isolation, ranging from modern to folk style.

June 19th, 2019: Oregon State Hospital PRIDE festival, performed some vocal/cello pieces with texts by HD, Sara Teasdale, and Emily Dickenson


“When I Rise Up” with text by Georgia Douglas Johnson for chorus
Premiered Friday, December 14th 2018 by Foris Choir

For more about the group:

Recordings from my Master’s recital in 2011 (9 video playlist):

Always more Feathers
text by Kella Hanna-Wayne
Performed by Shia Cardona (alto flute), Kella Hanna-Wayne (voice), and Noah Brenner (harp)

Performed by Diana Rosenblum and Ralph Stricker-Chapman (cellos)

There Will Come Soft Rains, text by Sara Teasdale
A Word, text by Emily Dickinson
Performed by Sospiro New Vocal Music Ensemble conducted by Scott Wagnon, Assisted by Evan C. Paul, Piano

coming on toward Equinox
i: mist in the trees
ii: Braids
iii: Prescience
iv: optimism
Performed by Ralph Stricker-Chapman (cello) and Evan C. Paul (piano)

The Story
text by Wispra Smith
Performed by Scott Carroll (voice), Liz Corwin (dance) and Kit Abrahamson (cello)

…And Thereafter
text by Hau-Wei Chang
Performed by Scott Carroll
Trio (for Horn Quintet)
i: Romanza
ii: Scherzo
iii: transformations/metamorphoses
iv: Elegie
v: Epilogue
performed by Sophie Lott, Andrew Stiefel, Diana Rosenblum, Jillian Furman, and Evan C. Paul
Suite for String Quartet
i: Wanderlust
ii: to hear, one must first be silent
iii: Adventure!
Performed by Olivia Baker (violin), Sophie Lott (violin), Noah Brenner (viola), and Kit Abrahamson (cello)


My old composition page from a long time ago also has other recordings posted: